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Sometimes the growing number of social media choices make it hard to know which ones best suits your needs.

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Social Media has grown tremendously over the past five years. The Huffington Post published this Infographic showing the demographics of that growth.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Five Great Infographics about Social Media.

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We polled ages in Europe and the US about their preference in social media. Related Posts. In addition, they will beautify and enhance the park, provide wildlife habitat, and give off much-needed shade.

These trees truly bring green back to the greenway, inviting passersby to explore the trail.

Our Trees for Hartford Neighborhoods program works to reforest the city of Hartford by planting 20, trees in 20 years. Contact Us. We need to go back to promotion, but integrate with true communication.

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At the root of social media is social. Where does this social media consumption take place most? According to a blog posted by Chad Smith on Social Media Revolver for every 72 minutes of verbal chat, people use their phone for 94 minutes a day on other things, such as search and social media.

Phones are much smaller than a computer or tablet.

We need to condense our information for smaller consumption. My view of the future is continued convergence. For some of us social media is our only tool of communication, but it must be done right.

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