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Volume is also decreasing, which is typical to see during flag consolidations, so the indicators are essentially confirming the flag action on the chart. We identify patterns, and trade the breakout. I can see that inside of the bear flagthere also appears to be a weird inverse head and shoulders formation that is taking shape.

So, perhaps these fags break to the upside, and they fulfill the inverse head and shoulders pattern instead. Do you see what I mean? Personally, I would rather see a breakout to the downside, because I think it will be more violent, and I will be able to make more money at a faster rate. The moment it breaks to the downside, I will short it, with a stop loss just above the bottom of the flag, with the intention of seeing BTC retest the level.

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If a reversal signal emerges anywhere in the middle of that trade, I would unload the entire short. On the upside, I will wait for a breakout above the black trendlinewhich represents the top of the downtrend channel.

Sure, I could go long at a break above the green trendlinebut the upside is minimal with that trade. A break above the black trendline would be much more substantial. From there, I would expect a retest of the blue trendlinewhich represents the neckline of the inverse head and shoulders pattern. Au revoir. Please follow, comment, like, and share on social media. Good luck trading everyone! It is to be used for educational purposes only. I should have included this trendline in the analysis.

The update is here! Отправить комментарий. Could some one please help me understand this, very interested in learning. First timer here, dont know what each of the lines means.

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Shorts at the 4 highest ever look here https: Look at the volumes. Compare them with what it was in February, at and now at They are 3 times less than it was then.

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